"We aim to make digital payments so easy, secure and widely accepted that people will never again need to carry cash or cards. We believe that India is on the cusp of a new mobile revolution that will change the way we manage money on the go. Through technology and consistent customer focus, we see ourselves in a position to support this transformation"

Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision

We want to make digital payments so simple, safe, and commonplace that nobody will ever need to carry cash or credit cards again. We think that a new mobile revolution is about to begin in India that will transform how we handle our money while on the go. We view ourselves in a position to enable this transformation through technology and persistent client focus.


Our Mission

  • A payment app created in India for Indians. Digital payments will become more widely available to the next billion people over the course of the next ten years. Building payment options for this user group is part of our strategy to accelerate this transition.

Our Values

  • Value to the customer: We work together with our customer to add value in whatever we do to contribute to the success of our customer.
  • Respect for people : We promote a people-centric approach, cherish people, support their growth, and recognise and reward their accomplishments.
  • Quality : We adhere to the maxim "What we do, we do well." We strive to offer our clients exceptional services while placing the highest value on quality.
Core value